Mathematical Collaboration 4 (Autumn 2021 Online Seminar)

Instead of the fourth version of the Mathematical Collaboration workshop series, we have decided to host an online seminar between October and December of 2021.

The aim of the Mathematical Collaboration series is to bring together researchers on the social aspects of mathematics, from across disciplines. Within philosophy, our focus is on combining mathematical practice and social epistemology. We also welcome contributions from historians, sociologists, mathematicians, and other relevant disciplines.

Speakers for the seminar will include:

  • Haixin Dang (home)
  • Andrew Aberdein (home)
  • Karen Francois (home)
  • Michael Barany (home)
  • Isobel Falconer (home)
  • Alma Steingart (home)
  • Kevin J. S. Zollman (home)
  • Gisele Secco (home)
  • K. Brad Wray (home)
  • Helena Mihaljev (home)
  • Brigitte Stenhouse (home)
  • Silvia De Toffoli (home)
  • Sanford Goldberg (home)
  • Jody Azzouni (home)

The time of the seminar will be tied to European time (CEST/CET which changes earlier in Europe than the US) and will run 5-7pm. This is a provisional schedule for the semester:

5th October
(5-7 CEST 11-1 EDT, 8-10 PDT)
Haixin Dang
“Group Belief Revision and Scientific Change”
Andrew Aberdein
“Mathematics and Epistemic Trespassing”
19th October
(5-7 CEST 11-1 ET, 8-10)
Michael Barany
“Intercontinental Mathematical Collaboration”
Karen Francois
“Literacy: the case of statistics, mathematics, (big)data”
2nd November
(5-7 CET, 12-2 EDT, 9-11 PDT)
Isobel Falconer
“Maxwell, Kelvin, the inverse square law, and epistemic injustice”
Alma Steingart
16th november
(5-7 CET 11-1 EST, 8-10 PST)
Gisele Secco
“Collaboration in mathematics: notes on the making of the Four-Color Theorem proof”
Kevin J. S. Zollman
“Is ‘scientific progress through bias’ a good idea?”
30th November
(5-7 CET 11-1 EST, 8-10 PST)
K. Brad Wray
“The Epistemic Significance of the Size of Research Teams”
Helena Mihaljević
“The presence of women in renowned mathematical journals: self-perception of submissions and bibliometric evidence”
7th December
(5-7 CET 11-1 EST, 8-10 PST)
Brigitte Stenhouse
“”Translation as Mathematical Practice: The Somerville-Herschel Correspondence”
Silvia De Toffoli 
“Higher-Order Evidence in Mathematics”
14th December
(5-7 CET 11-1 EST, 8-10 PST)
Sanford Goldberg
& Kareem Khalifa
“Retooling the Epistemology of Measurement”
Jody Azzouni
“Deduction in mathematics as a misleading paradigm for justification and knowledge”

To join us for these seminars, please email to register and receive the zoom link.

The seminar is organised by Fenner Tanswell (link) and Joshua Habgood-Coote (link). We are grateful for the ongoing support of Ursula Martin and her project “The Social Machines of Mathematics” (link).

This seminar series is hosted jointly by the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (link) and the Group Thinking: New Foundations (GROUNDS) project at the University of Leeds (link).

This series is supported by the GROUNDS project at the University of Leeds, which has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement no. 818633).

This series is also supported by project “The Epistemology of Data Science: Mathematics and the Critical Research Agenda on Data Practices” funded by the Research Foundation- Flanders (FWO).